• Çıralı Sahil
  • Çıralı Kuşbakışı
  • Çıralı Çıralı Gündoğumu
  • Çıralı Sahil
  • Çıralı Yanartaş Khimaira

Lycian Way Partial list of places on the trail

Ölüdeniz, Faralya, Kabak, detour to Sidyma, Bel, Gavurağılı, Letoon, Kınık (Xanthos), Akbel, Gelemiş village and ruins of Patara), Kalkan, Sarıbelen, Gökçeören, Kaş (Antiphellos), Üçağız, Kale, Demre (Myra), Kumluca, Belören, Zeytin and Alakilise. Here the trail reaches a height of 1811 meters at İncegeriş T.. It continues to Belos, Finike, Kumluca, Mavikent, Karaöz, the southernmost point of Lycia at the lighthouse of Cape Gelidonya. Here it turns north to Adrasan, Olympos, and Çıralı.

Çıralı - Yanartaş Lycian Way

Kimera flame out through your mouth, our village, even the most important symbols of the Lycian region. To see this monster still fulminating dusk is the most appropriate time. People at any age can walk the path of the permanent stone is convenience.

Çıralı - Yanartaş ( khimaira ) - Ulupınar - Çıralı Lycian Way

Pass over from Çıralı Yanartaş and within this unique nature of water and waterfalls to reach the village immediately after the Ulupınar. In the village covered with plane trees, many restaurants within plash plash water is .. If you want lunch on your resume from the point found. Or you can make returns from a different track ...

Çıralı - Tahtalı Dağı Lycian Way

This is most convenient for the months of March-April-October-November-December and May are the months. There are two ways to exit Tahtali summit. Çıralı go by car from the guys in the mountain thing is there are approximately 5-6 hour walk up the summit. Summit (2350 m), dir. Landing can be made if requested teleferiklede. Walking among the most challenging is the track.

Çıralı - Olympos - Adrasan (Çavuşköy) - Çıralı likya yolu

One of the longest trails and takes approximately 8 hours. Bird sounds and sandal trees with gum are climbing the mountain of Moses. Four hours after climbing the peak in the landscape together with your food can make your picnic. Walk with your end point tool can adrasandan your return.

Çıralı - Maden - Tekirova Lycian Way

This park is a sea view from the tree takes seven hours. Lycian way hiking trail eşliğinde everyone can do this is simplicity. During these walks we recommend you to take photos from your next machine. Because many different landscapes and vegetation are confident you will receive frames.

Yaylalar Lycian Way

You can walk to many springs around Cirali. You can taste traditional nomadic and waffle dishes ...

Arykanda - Kekova Lycian Way

And go as Arykanda Kekova Day troops can return to at a distance and has a rich historical buildings. And there are many ruins. Roman Baths Theater marine water the gold sarcophagus of the ancient ruins and numerous beautiful bays. These two different points to find are a few among countless beauty.