Emin Pension Rooms
We offer you all kinds of comfort with 22 bungalow type air-conditioned and comfortable rooms, spacious garden, hammocks and calm environment. Pine, orange, lemon trees surrounded by a large garden and only 50 meters from the sea, we offer you a pleasure to enjoy the nature and the sea.
Just a few steps to enjoy the beach is enough Sahil
The family of Emin Pension offers you all kinds of opportunities and prioritizes the satisfaction of your customers. The beach umbrellas and sun loungers offer you the pleasure of the beach, our garden in the wireless internet network allows you to communicate. Our wide garden and secure environment to address to you and your children.
With 22 tastefully furnished charming bungalows, we have a choice of single, double, triple and twin rooms and additional beds can be added to our rooms when needed. The choice of rooms with additional beds offers comfort for families with two and three children.
Çıralıda, Emin Pension Wishing To Meet ..
Emin Pension has a spacious and spacious yoga room.

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