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Sorulan SoruEditör Cevabı
Çıralı as the entertainment venue disco, bar have?Few small-scale Çıralı with bar and entertainment venue, but calm and peaceful environment in general is dominant.
A dinner to eat at that location I think is. What is your advice on food?Çıralı about the food that is grown in many alternative mevcuttur.naturel environment as well as grilled vegetable food, fish varieties are available.
Çıralı What is the distance to the sea of the hostels?Hostels and hotels are 100 meters of the average distance to the sea.
I heard that fish Ulupınar da restaurants? How can I get there from Antalya with my special tool?Antalya-Kemer road to follow. Then turn left at sign Tekirova dan Ulupınar.
How is the air temperature in the region vary according to month? Month Day Air Temperature ° C Night Air Temperature ° C | 01 January 15 6 | | 02 February 15 7 | | 03 March 18 8 | | 04 April 21 11 | | 05 May 25 15 | | 06 June 33 20 | | 07 July 36 25 | | 08 August 33 18 | | 09 September 33 18 | | 10 October 27 15 | | 11 November 21 11 | | 12 December 17 8 |
Hello, Can I get information about the cost to stay in Cirali?Çıralı also to stay in hostels için.Otel-Motel - Wood houses - a tent is available as alternatives. Fiyatlarıda of these features, room rates within 30 months according to değişmektedir.Sene between tl and 150 tl for detailed information on our site değişebilmektedir.Daha contact with the business.
Caretta Caretta hatch in which month, and you re able to testify to the exit from the egg?Caretta caretta and pitch in spring and summer months in coastal yumurtlarlar.Gece this process remote from the output of eggs yapılabilmektedir.Yavruların observation period is about 2 months later. (Night) Yavrular removed by instinct when yönelebilir.Bu reason to light from a distance can only make observations with the pale moonlight.
You can also dive Çıralı Do?The dive boat on the beach with Çıralı yapılabilmektedir.Bölgede be opened as a branch, the branch can be opened from the personal olarakda coast. Many marine who hosts the live pitch - Olympos beach when the sea is a love of diving.