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Chimera is the name given by local people which is the natural gas burned in the serpentinites in three separate locations in south skirts of Cirali Burning Stream valley.

With this phenomenon of Cirali Antalya region it is uncommonly rare in the world. Flames go out among the stones which is a visual feast offered to the visitors with its magnificent view in the darkness of he night.


Greece Argos due to TA, lived a young man named Bellerophon divine beauty. Flying horse wanted very much to have that many days have run after Pegasos mountain slope grooming Pegasos'un but could not succeed. Someday God in a dream, they reported how the winged horse can have. He also allotted at a time when gold was drinking water as desired by the gods to have been able to assign the curb.

But one day someone accidentally kill Bellerophon. Therefore, the king of Argos Tan left Tiryns refuge proetus the palace. Queen soon falls in love with this handsome young man. He wants to have sex with him. But he does not want to be disrespectful to the owner of the guest house where Bellerophon and turned down the queen's desire.

Queen also arguing that young people want to enter into force by lying to her husband bosom he wants to take revenge. The king is angry and does not want to kill the guest sent a letter to the king, the Lycian-law to kill him. Bellerophon reached Lycia. The king met him near the Xanthos River and guest for nine days. It takes the letter to the ninth day of the groom and moments that should be killed.

But he does not want to kill and kill the Chimera Nin. So he thought to get rid of him. Chimera in front of the lion behind the snake, goat and flames from the mouth of a strange creature hair. Bellerophon thanks to the gods and winged horse Pegasos request knock the Chimaeras. The king also has given many Bellerophonhes'e hard work he has all come about.

Convinced of this, the king descended from his marriage to the gods give him many gifts and girl. Bellerophon is a descendant of Poseidon. This happens three children from the marriage, the girl Laodamei to them, would be born with Zeus and Sarpedon. Sarpedon the Lycian king would grow.

Troy will join the battle. I came to Eddy Tan Xanthos I came from far away to help t output to the rest of the war away from Lycia saying ..... and Patroklos is killed by Achilles fighting with weapons after the show many feats. Last breath of Glaukos by delegating the task to die.

Apollo gives orders to take his dead son Zeus of Lycia. Thus the place Ekhidna the merger of the underworld creatures Typhon Chimera was born, lived in Olympos, which is today called Chirag and Chimera. Even the Chimera last breath BELEROPHONTES flying horse Pegasos killed while riding running out flames from his mouth. Today, natural gas is combined with legends of rock that's burning out.