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Termessos Antalya Korkuteli district on the highway 30 km 'are in sin. This ancient city is one of Turkey's best-preserved ancient city. It was established in the south-west of Gulluk mountain scenic area is located between the thick vegetation and pine trees.

The main road is reached in a steep paths. The last one out of the way, of the Termessians "King Street" as they call the old way, as well as Hellenistic period fortification walls, you can see the famous Yenice pass leading the cisterns and many other remains. With the support of the people of Termessos BC second century, made the King Street passes over the walls of the city and extends from the center of the city rising in a straight path.

Our first encounter with the history of this city is linked to the famous scene of Alexander the Great Siege. The first dealing with this event and noted that the strategic importance of Termessos, which is one of the ancient historians Arrianos insurmountable stated that surround the city due to the natural barrier of the city can be defended even a small force.

Termessos was obviously not a port city, but its lands in southwestern Attaleia (Antalya) would extend across the Gulf. Because of this connection to the sea in the city, it was taken by the Ptolemies. More than 40 years ago, the city resisted a strong period even in Iskenderun, to accept the Egyptian sovereignty is very surprising.

An inscription found in the Lycian city of Araxa, gives important information about Termessos. According to this report, BC 200 in Termessos was at war for unknown reasons with the league of Lycian cities unity and BC 199 Termessos again found itself at war with the name of Pisidian neighbor.

During this period, BC We see that in the 2nd century colony founded near the city of Small Termessos. Termessos ancient enemy Serge to be able to cope better with Pergamum King II entered into friendly relations with Attalos. II. Attalos 2-storey stone building in Termessos memory of this friendship.