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"Sea" and "Ski" enjoyment all at the same time.

Turkey has gained an opportunity that enriches her tourism further more than ever by adding a novelty to her tourism potential : The longest cable car of Europe, combines Mediterranean Sea and the summit of Mount Tahtali that has a height of 2365 meters.

The monumental Tahtali mountain with its snow-covered summit is located in Antalya Kemer that is a rapid growing tourism spot.

The cable car ride from the foot of the mountain Tahtali seems quite good quality and safe. Due to the special design of the entire region you keep track of 360 degrees here. You can ride up to the mountain peaks with a wonderful view.

Tahtali you come up with the mountain cable car has a restaurant and a cafe.

Snow, like a hat to cover until April summit of Tahtali and create a magnificent view. As year-round temperate climate zone and hot air, crystal clear blue sea, and also it is conveniently located 2365 meters above almost all year round tourism with the ideal mountain air.

Eleven months Arbitrary Sea

Located in the southern Antalya region of Turkey is particularly available for a resort and culture buffs who love the sun. And gives the possibility to enter the sparkling Mediterranean sea with the pristine shores of 11 months.

Starting from the favorable conditions and to see the Turkish hospitality of all businesses in which the accommodation is provided with every comfort and the opportunity to make an unforgettable holiday enjoyment. Tahtalı located in one of the world's most beautiful national parks to be made by cable car to the summit is an unforgettable visit.

4 months to enjoy winter sports

The newly completed ropeway project is literally defined as an engineering marvel. 4350 m long cable car cabin floor and 80 people in the 1639 elevation of about 10 minutes.

In this way, as well as in the sea, at the same time it is possible to enjoy doing sport for 4 months in the winter.