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Patara, Kalkan is an ancient city near the town of Kas district of Antalya. And a Lycian city was the capital of the Lycian Union. One of the six cities of the Lycian Union and have the right to vote is perhaps the most important. Lycian union meetings were held in the parliament building in the city's unity.

In Hittite Patara, the city of Patara in the Lycian language are referred to as the 8th century BC where excavations have uncovered concrete data and results were finalized with known that among the besieged city of Iskenderun. Patara was a very important city in the Roman era and was the capital of the province of Lycia-Pamphylia. Patara port, grain storage and handling is important for this reason, one of the three grain warehouses in the eastern Mediterranean (Granarium I) is located in Patara.

City continued to flourish in the Byzantine period, Christians also have been considered important. Saint Nicholas as Santa Claus is said to be from Patara.

2 km after the roadside village of Patara Gelemis of the most magnificent ruins of the Roman Arc de Triomphe is seen (Metius Modestus). Triumphal arch, M.S. 1 was built in the last century. Remains to be seen towards the hill include a Byzantine basilica and sanctuaries. Theater on the slope of the hill. There is a mausoleum on the hill with a large cistern that sit Theatre. The old port is now the case of wetlands.

The oldest democratic parliament building is still standing in this city. In 2010 it was restored by Parliament.

Patara Beach

Patara Beach, located near the ancient city of Patara and is one of the largest and most beautiful beaches in the region. Patara beach, the surrounding beach is the longest and most spectacular. 12 km. The depth of the sea reaches a length of 200-300 meters in places. The sand is fine. The sea is shallow.

Due to the almost non-stop wind it is also suitable for wind surfing. Patara beach for sea turtles (Caretta caretta) is under the protection of the places where they leave the egg. Patara beach inside the ancient city, set on the dunes were formed in order to prevent wind-borne.

Patara beach because of the width and length in the past been used as a backdrop in films by Yeşilçam desert scenes. Today, the naturist and nudist beach as easily as can sunbathe and swim nude emerges.