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Antalya Kale (Demre) in the Kas district - famous for its striking rock tombs from Phoenicia proper way Myra easily reached.

Most of the ruins of the city of the Lycian and Roman periods under the alluvial deposits. Acropolis on the mountain above the ancient theater has been largely destroyed. Bath and that can be seen the remains of a basilica near the theater late. Open-air theater was destroyed in an earthquake in 141 years, but was later rebuilt.

St. Nicholas in his diocese, and therefore is an important Lycian city of Myra entire Middle maintaining its reputation throughout the ages the name "Great Mother Goddess of the place" means.

Lycian language, "Myrrh" in the Myra Translated from the northwest of the mountain plains of Demre was established on the slopes overlooking the sea. Before today's rock tombs on the hill later founded the city expanded towards lower and Lycia was one of the most important six cities.

Myra's splendid theater has survived to the present day as a pretty solid. Founded in behind its seats of the theater carved into the steep side of the mountain is largely rock. The theater was later used as an arena, so some adjustments were made.

Famous rock-cut tomb in Myra graves just above the theater and to be in a place called necropolis on the east side of the river were collected in two places.