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In the district; Olympos Corydella, Rhodiapolis, İdebessiois, there are ancient cities such as beak. In particular, Olympos is visited by a lot of domestic and foreign tourists.                 The studies in this ancient city in 1991 and unearthed historical artifacts, further increased the historical and touristic value here.

The district is about 30 km long coastline. Çavusköy in this seaside (Adrasan) Olympos dark dark; hotels, motels, and hostels and restaurants serving local and foreign tourists. In the town of Mavikent Karaöz Bay, a resort sites. Mavikent the Phoenician resort town borders between the coastline, currently only built by the locals wooden houses (bungalows) and was inhabited. In addition, tours to mountain tourism as springs for domestic and foreign tourists are organized.

Main source of income in the national economy greenhouses t. Greenhouse district directly affects the entire population to close. The district is a bird's-eye views white greenhouse image.

Greenhouse and fresh vegetables in the sand by the county in a good position in the fruit production, all products are available in the public market as a thesis.