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Kekova (in the Lycian language: In Dolichis) in Antalya province of small Kaleköy and Üçagiz open near Demre, is a rocky island. Many times the source "Kakava" There is history. Although the surface area of 4.5 square kilometers on the island are living one. On hostels and cafes are provided with transportation by boat to the island.

Lukka historic ruins remain under water after an earthquake in antiquity is bunlun the island. Nowadays, some remains are seen even looked over the water. Kekova examined by divers quite often is filled with stunning underwater imagery.

Kekova and surroundings June 18, 1990, was declared a protected area by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. If all swimming and diving special permission made by the government in later years decided this ban has been removed, except for places with historic shipwrecks.