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Kas district of Antalya, is located at the west border of Antalya.

Kas people living pension for the summer tourism, hotels, and motels provide by the management. County land is available in most of the highland village of people. Plain and important of our country in the spring of fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers are produced.

Made in the production greenhouse in the winter it is marketed inside and out. Again, an important agricultural input is high and mountainous areas in apple production. At the same time, fishing is also a leading source of income.

Kalkan and Gelemis village tourism in recent years, has been developing rapidly. Therefore, the number of tourist facilities is rapidly increasing. Kas diving tourism, especially in the care of our country is one of the leading centers. Forming the closest point to the island of Kastelorizo has significant tourism potential of its historical and natural beauties in Kas. The hotel is located in the recently held a tongue extending into the sea as Cukurbag Peninsula. Big Pebble Beach in Kas, Small Pebble Beach, and it is possible to swim in the Akçagerme Beach. You can also go to the beach Limanagzi boating.

Located around 18 km from Kas Kas 6 cave. away from the Blue Cave, Aşırlı Island Sea Cave, the famous Pigeon Cave with doves are the most famous.

Along with increasing tourism activities in Kas, trekking, mountaineering, nature has been developing sports such as rafting. Green Lake and Cascade are among nature Uçarsu in Gombe area attracts tourists. Located at an altitude of 1220 Akdag Gombe bottom is 65 km from Kas, a highland town.

As there by boat from the city of Kekova submerged land which is important for tourism in Kas Üçagiz navigating in navigable boating. Diving and paragliding sports are among the foremost in the county. Turkey is regarded as the region's best diving.

Underwater terms of natural and historical values is an important point in Turkey. Therefore underwater ecology in the region, caves and archaeological science research has been conducted since 2003. In October 2006 a major initiative on underwater archeology held in Hedo dark eyebrows ArcheoPark Experimental Archaeology Project.

In Istlada known around the eyebrows, Apollonia, the name, the name of the next Kyaenai There are many ruins of ancient cities such as location unknown. These are the ancient settlements of various sizes. For example, the key on a low hill near the village found a small settlement named Tysse

Kas around; gömbe, kalkan, kınık, ova is located in residential areas.