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Aspendos or Belkis Antalya province is famous for the ancient city located in the amphitheater in the village of Belkis Serik district. The region currently, theater, events and concerts are held.

Aspendos, 8 km east of Serik district, from the mountainous regions where Köprüçayı reached a plateau BC 10th century founded by Achaeans and one of the richest cities of the ancient era of flourishing. Here the theater M.S. It was built by the Romans in the 2nd century. The city is one big, one is built on two small hills.

The most important structure is the theater of Aspendos. Korunanarak came from the ancient theater in the best way is an open-air theater. This theater is the oldest and solid samples can reach the scene of the Roman theater in Anatolia today. Architect Aspendos'l is Zenon's son Theodorus. Antony Pier was completed in time to start construction time was Marcus Aurelius (138-164). Theatre, presented the city's imperial family with the local gods.

Without doubt the theater's most striking component is the stage building. The two-storey stone masonry structures in the lower floor of this building, there are five doors providing the debut of artists. And large door in the middle of it known as porta regia There are two small doors on either side of the port, known as hospitales.

The theater at Aspendos is also famous for its outstanding acoustics. Even the slightest sound can be heard easily removed in the middle of the top row of the orchestra gallery.

Belkis Aspendos you can enjoy the natural acoustic qualities.