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Ariassos (or Ariassos) Taurus on 900-1100 meters high, is located Psidya settlement. Antalya - Burdur highway at 45 kilometers, is located 1 km west from the bar after throat. Akkoç village is accessible from the exit. The city is situated in the region in ancient times called Pisidia.

Viticulture in the ancient city, appeared to be the wine and olive oil production. The city lived in the late Roman period as a result of the earthquake is thought to have collapsed and therefore abandoned.

25 of the most well-preserved ruins of residential, architectural point of view are very well-designed tomb. These tombs surrounding the city east and west are very similar to the three-arched entrance located at the eastern end of the settlement terms stonework and construction details in them.

All other than a few Hellenistic wall collapsed ruins belong to the Roman and Byzantine periods. The best preserved building, the middle arch is higher and wider with three arched city gate in the shape of triumphal arch. Belts rises on stone bases.

Site, which is entered through the door of the colonnaded street running east-west direction. This street, which made for unknown how many buildings were erected during the Byzantine period and completely disrupts the tissue. Today, only one of the other main features of the building could not be determined because they have turned into rubble.

Southern and northern ends of the valley was used as a necropolis. Here are held the funeral which carries the Psidia features and usually consists of a vaulted structure built on a high podium. Here's broken sarcophagus decorated with sword and shield motifs. Rounded roof-shaped cover of Sacrophag.