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Alara han Castle and Alara Alara 37 kilometers west of Alanya lies 800 metres away across the plain on stream banks.

1231 Inn, restaurants and a shopping center repaired today. Caravanserai today's Sentry-box remains the property. The second door of the caravanserai of the passengers will remain spaces that opens. Two chambers on either side of a long hallway. There are picnic in the caravanserai.

Reached admission is free. The restaurant in the inn, as well as on the countryside it is served in a small restaurant to eat and Alara in the tea until you can swim.

Alarahan 1232 castle was built by the Seljuk Sultan alaaddin keykubad. This region is located on the Silk Road. 120 is introduced into a corridor of darkness complete steps from the castle.

Alarahan Castle made in order to protect caravans on fire "Han" 800 mt to the castle. away "to the edge of Alara stream. Approximately 2000 square feet in size.

Alaaddin keykubat in Alanya in the inscriptions himself "Sultan of the two seas and black, Arab and Persian countries, the owner of can be described as reached the inscription in Greek, this is Sam, the conqueror of Armenian and European country" have earned the title. Alara han Silk Road lost its importance Dervish was used as shelter.