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In a natural setting, our restaurant is meticulously maintained all the beauty, forget the fatigue and stress of the day to our guests and provide the convenience of any kind. Here you can enjoy the irresistible taste far-out dining. Magnificent plane trees in the stream table placed beneath the rich can enjoy your meal carefully prepared delicious Turkish cuisine and local seafood dishes, the appetizers, salads, desserts and fruit you can eat your appetite.
Stone wood-fired ovens we prepare and submit to the satisfaction of lavash bread would taste. All the products we use are organic and locally grown food is in the product. Seafood from fishermen from hunting every morning is provided.
In Restoranımz, fish, grilled meats, pancakes, special ravioli prepared to our best, pita, salads, together with the carefully prepared food under the plane trees, you can eat a nice meal accompanied by alcohol and alközsüz drinks.
If you erect your breakfast in the morning, you can sprinkle with lavash bread and other traditional breakfast as the next hot product.