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During your holiday you will have breakfast in our hotel, you will be fed with natural and healthy foods.
The freshly squeezed orange juice from the oranges in our garden, we made pomegranate juice or fresh lemon lemonade, tea, you can start the day with coffee. Muesli-yogurt or muesli and milk. We made our home made jams from organic fruit.
In particular, you will love our dried fig jam. Cirali famous honey, walnuts, goat cheese, Ezine cheese, herbed cheese, cheddar cheese. Very special extra virgin olive oil and olives. Egg, butter, tomatoes grown in the region, cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe. Pie, donut, our special cake. French style pancake. Breads ..
We will pass the mood for a full breakfast feast ... Lunch, Dinner Our cuisine bears the characteristics of the traditional Mediterranean and regional cuisine of Cirali.
Local soups, salads, olive oil dishes, vegetable dishes, grilled meats, seafood and desserts are prepared and served by request. Every hour of the day, pasta, burgers, toast, sandwiches available as our products.
We use only olive oil and butter fat. Hygiene and never will not compromise on quality.