Olimpos Yanartaş Ulupınar Tahtalı Phaselis Kemer Antalya
In order to drive to Olympos from Antalya-Finike road it should be turned at Ulupinar where there is the sign plate for ruins. A narrow but the exquisite beautiful road leads us right to the beach of Olympos. In order to reach the ruins one should cross the brook and walk a while on the beach then the brook banks are came across of which runs through Olympos. The path that runs along the brook will lead us into the ruins.

Olympos reOlympos region is located on the coastline of Cirali that is 3.2 km-long. The ancient city of Olympus is located just behind the coastline. There are tree houses and accommodation facilities within walking distance to the region. Cirali is also very close to the pensions of the region; according to the location of the pensions the ancient city can be reached in 10 to 20 minutes walking distances and can be visited. Returning back is realized the same way.

Chimera is the name given by local people which is the natural gas burned in the serpentinites in three separate locations in south skirts of Cirali Burning Stream valley.

With this phenomenon of Cirali Antalya region it is uncommonly rare in the world. Flames go out among the stones which is a visual feast offered to the visitors with its magnificent view in the darkness of he night.

Ulupinar village is a settlement located on the Antalya - Kumluca highway after passing through Kemer, 3 km before the Cirali detour.

From the moment you enter from the main road the unique scent of pine trees will captivate you. The Ice-cold water from the summit of the Taurus Mountains will accompany you along with the pine trees .

In this environment, the restaurants serve you on the waterfalls and streams . Fish farms and restaurants are able to serve trout all day long which are designed in order for the guests to feel comfortable. You can fish your own fish from the pool enjoying yourself, and you can eat it with real pleasure. It is a great pleasure to eat fish in Ulupinar together with the unique design of the pavilions situated on the water.
Tahtalı Mountain

"Sea" and "Ski" enjoyment all at the same time.

Turkey has gained an opportunity that enriches her tourism further more than ever by adding a novelty to her tourism potential : The longest cable car of Europe, combines Mediterranean Sea and the summit of Mount Tahtali that has a height of 2365 meters. The monumental Tahtali mountain with its snow-covered summit is located in Antalya Kemer that is a rapid growing tourism spot.

Through the recently opened coastal road that shows all the beauties of the Mediterranean when you turn at Phaselis Sign board 35 km before Antalya the a forest road will leads us to Phaselis inthe Tekirova Village. There is access from Cirali to this region by rented car or minibus.
Cirali is a town subordinate to Kemer Kemer is a town subordinate to Antalya. For this reason, transportation is carried out easily as well as from Antalya to Cirali and also from Cirali to Kemer and Antalya. Kemer is a resort where Big Hotels, entertainment spots, bars are situated at the same time it is a town offering a combination of historic culture and nature as well. While having your vacation in Cirali in a quiet way you can go to Kemer for travel and leisure in a rented car or shared taxi.
In Antalya, spring, summer, autumn and winter, are the 4 seasons only appear in the calendars. Because the winter season does not happen here. One can swim even in winter in Antalya or Cirali. At the same time you can dine in the Tahtali mountain in snow and right after immediately you can swim in the sea. Therefore Antalya and her towns and resorts which have a sea coast have a fabulous climate and natural phenomena.